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On Why I’m Likely to Get a Crush on Any Police Officer Who Joins Our Movement

Like many of you, I was initially electrified by the simple and division-shattering message of Occupy Wall Street:  “Get money out of politics.”  Certainly at least 99% of us concur with that statement to some real and identifiable degree, don’t … Continue reading

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An Open, and Occupied, Letter

I am writing to you tonight in the event that you are, like me, a person who is still ringing from the reverberations of the great chord that was struck today in New York City.  It sounded two months ago, … Continue reading

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To wish for a lover is to wish to know that, somewhere, the self finally ends and, at that exact place, someone else begins a life that has never contained you. Off, off, into that startling certainty! Away, away, disappear … Continue reading

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